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Buy a RAM kit or two individual RAM sticks? I have an HP pavilion computer with a ASUS A8AE-LE motherboard. It has 4 memory slots and capable ofi have 2 sticks of 4gb corsair vengeance ram, and a asrock z77 extreme 4 mobo, there are 4 ram slots on the mobo and i only have 2 sticks of... Adding a stick of ram , W541 , slot 2 is filled... - Lenovo… which slot should be used for 2nd stick of ram ? Should it go 2 - 4 , 1-3 or 1-2 , 3 - 4 , which 2 slots are used for 2 channel memory ? Thanks.3rd and 4th slots only work with quad core cpu. Rich. I do not respond to requests for private, one-on-one help. [SOLVED] More slots or higher density RAM sticks? -… Would 2x 8GB RAM sticks, with two slots left unoccupied, perform better or worse than 4x 4GB sticks occupying all the slots?If it's got 4 slots and can take max of 16GB of RAM then I doubt it can handle 8GB sticks(if it would it would say 32GB max). Find the manual for the board but im sure you...

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Is it possible to fill all of the memory slots on a motherboard that in dual channel if the pair are mismatched.

4 sticks can be more troublesome than 2, especially in certain boards or if overclocking. This can result in having to reduce the ram speed and/or slow timings. It can work fine as well. Using all 4 slots also makes adding more memory more costly. If you can get the system with 2 ram modules, thats what I would get.

If you’re looking to build a gaming computer, your graphics card and processor will play the biggest role in your system’s in-game performance. After those two components, your memory will play the next biggest role in your system’s …

Most commonly, 1 stick of RAM will run in single channel mode, 2 (or 4) sticks of RAM will run in dual channel, and 3 sticks will revert back to single channel. Unless your motherboard supports flex mode, in which case it will run 3 sticks of RAM with 2 in dual channel and 1 in single channel.